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Running From The Devil

When I was about three years old my mother ran away from my abusive father in Kerrville, Texas to live with his brother in the mountains of New mexico. My mother and I were regularly beaten by my father and I carry those memories with me to this day. My father often haunts me in my nightmares.


Outsider On Sunday

I’ve had several people tell me they love the stories that the songs on ‘troubadour’ tell but they want to know more about the story, they want to know if it’s real or if it’s fiction and mostly they ask “is this song about you?” I thought that I would (every so often) write a post and let those interested people in on what each song is about and then post the lyrics. There is just one caveat that I would like the reader/listener to keep in mind - each of my songs is about whatever the listener thinks they are about.

A Story I’ll Always Remember

When an artists creates, an artists hopes. All of us, the musicians, painters, photographers, poets, dreamers, weirdos… we all hope that our art makes a difference… that it touches someone and makes a positive difference in their lives even in a small way.

After I released ‘troubadour’ I was fortunate that someone shared with me a story about how my music did just that, it made a difference and I’ll never forget it. Here is a sweet French girls story about how my music bridged the gap between her and her father.

Welcome to the Release of 'Troubador' by Ray Wilson

For my first blog post on the new site, I thought I would share some of my favorite reactions to the advanced release of my new album “troubadour.” I sent a private link to a handful of friends, fans and supporters all over the world and here (unedited) is what they had to say:

“I'm listening to Racin' Jake now...really good sound!”

“Ray ur voice is so sultry and electrifying. Your lyrics float on waves that rune th over in my mind.”

“I really like! I finished my demenagement listening to your music. It was amazing ! Thank you so much!”