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Jimi Hendrix I’m SO PISSED OFF AT YOU!

Jimi Hendrix I’m SO PISSED OFF AT YOU!

And I’m pissed at all the great musicians that overdosed on drugs and alcohol which cut short their contributions and genius!

Here’s the short list:

Hank Williams, Sr. Heart failure, possibly alcohol, drug-related 1953

Tommy Dorsey Choked himself while sleeping; unable to awaken due to sedative use 1956

Billy Holiday Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol 1959

Janis Joplin Heroin overdose Illegal drug 1970

Gene Simmons Is Wrong

In a recent interview with Planet Rock Gene Simmons of KISS blammed... wait for it... the fans for the decline and death of "the rock star."

Gene - you were one of my heroes growing up and you are incredibly intelligent but you are out of touch and dead wrong on this. It is NOT THE FANS. You are still viewing the music industry from the perspective of the excess of the 70's and 80's and you need to make a paradigm shift. 

In the interview Gene says:

Support Local And Indie Musicians... Or Most Likely... Not

So what is the real difference between a local band playing at a local bar and a signed band selling over 20 Million copies of an album like Pink Floyd, besides the obvious? Is it just raw talent or is it marketing and promotion - most likely both. So what does this mean for artists, for the music indutry and for fans of music? I think one of the most important things we all need to recognize is the fact that a good number of the little guys, the local guys, have great talent but they are going unnoticed. Don't believe me?

Underdog (When He's Suffering)

I wrote "Underdog" because I had a burning need in my soul to highlight our cultures ever increasing tendency to lavish a person or a group when they are at their best or when they are "winning" but quickly discard them when they appear to be losing - essentially creating a culture of treating people as if they are disposable. From the heartbreak of America's homeless Vets to the growing number of single mothers, this song asks the listener to stop throwing people away after we've used them up.

"Who do you sound like?"

I’m always asked “who do you sound like?” “what style of music do you play?” or “what does your album sound like?” These are all very good questions as it helps identify to the prospective listener what they might expect to hear and/or feel when listening to my work. It’s the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer because I write and play music, well... the way I do it. I asked a fan on twitter once “who do I sound like - help me out here.” The reply was “You sound like… you! You sound like Ray Wilson, and that’s a good thing.”