Jimi Hendrix I’m SO PISSED OFF AT YOU!

Jimi Hendrix I’m SO PISSED OFF AT YOU!

And I’m pissed at all the great musicians that overdosed on drugs and alcohol which cut short their contributions and genius!

Here’s the short list:

Hank Williams, Sr. Heart failure, possibly alcohol, drug-related 1953

Tommy Dorsey Choked himself while sleeping; unable to awaken due to sedative use 1956

Billy Holiday Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol 1959

Janis Joplin Heroin overdose Illegal drug 1970

Announcing A New Mexico And Colorado Three Day Tour

Ray Wilson Music is excited to announce a Three Day Tour coming up this August. Ray Wilson, along with Angela Monden, will be traveling to New Mexico, where they will perform two shows, and then to Colorado, where they will perform one show. Ray is eager to hit the road and bring his music to new places where he will have the chance to meet current fans and create new fans.

The Sky Is The Limit For Singer-Songwriter Tyler Stanfield


According to Singer/Songwriter Tyler Stanfield, he was exposed to music from his “first breath.” Coming from a musical family, he was surrounded by music from the very beginning and his interest was sparked at a young age. He became a touring musician five years ago and graced Amarillo, Texas with his sound for the first time last January at Bar Z Winery

Amarillo Magazine Interviews Ray Wilson About His Tattoos

Amarillo Magazine came out with a story this month about tattoos and their place in the workplace today. From teachers to lawyers, and from business owners to chefs, Amarillo Magazine interviewed and photographed several Amarillo professionals who all have one thing in common: tattoos. The article proved that tattoos are viewed differently than they were even ten years ago. While some of the interviewees still cover up their tattoos in professional environments, others don’t. Some even credit their tattoos for a portion of their success. 

Gene Simmons Is Wrong

In a recent interview with Planet Rock Gene Simmons of KISS blammed... wait for it... the fans for the decline and death of "the rock star."

Gene - you were one of my heroes growing up and you are incredibly intelligent but you are out of touch and dead wrong on this. It is NOT THE FANS. You are still viewing the music industry from the perspective of the excess of the 70's and 80's and you need to make a paradigm shift. 

In the interview Gene says:

Taylor Swift Convinces Apple To Change Their Tune

If you haven’t heard about what has gone on with Taylor Swift and Apple this past week, then you must be living in a cave. In case that’s you, I’ll fill you in. Apple decided to make their new music streaming service free for the first three months in order to entice and retain users. During the three months, artists (both signed and indie) would receive no compensation for the plays to their music. Indie musicians spoke out about this infringement upon their copyright...but Apple didn’t listen until Taylor Swift posted an open letter to the company on Sunday from her Twitter account.

Support Local And Indie Musicians... Or Most Likely... Not

So what is the real difference between a local band playing at a local bar and a signed band selling over 20 Million copies of an album like Pink Floyd, besides the obvious? Is it just raw talent or is it marketing and promotion - most likely both. So what does this mean for artists, for the music indutry and for fans of music? I think one of the most important things we all need to recognize is the fact that a good number of the little guys, the local guys, have great talent but they are going unnoticed. Don't believe me?