With My Whole Heart - Thank You! ‘Coming Through In Waves’ Is 6 Months Old

I’m so grateful for you all - my friends, family and fans. It’s almost my birthday and my latest album is 6 months old - and it’s doing amazing things!


Thank you! Thank you all for streaming it and buying it and supporting the radio stations that play it. I’m overwhelmed by the messages you send me telling me what my songs have done to impact your lives. I’m amazed at how many times you’ve interacted with me on social media just to let me know my song came on the radio or that you were listening. With my whole heart - thank you!


Here’s what you guys have done to show me love:


My Twitter followers hit 13.1K!


In Germany alone you streamed my songs 8,108 times on sites like Spotify and iTunes!


Poland moved into second place with 5,499 streams and the US in 3rd with 5,001!


You bought the entire album either digitally or physical CDs over 1,000 times!


This is amazing and wonderful to me and I love you all! Even if you don’t stream another song (although i hope you do) you’ve made my day 182 times this year!


Thank you!