Jimi Hendrix I’m SO PISSED OFF AT YOU!

Jimi Hendrix I’m SO PISSED OFF AT YOU!

And I’m pissed at all the great musicians that overdosed on drugs and alcohol which cut short their contributions and genius!

Here’s the short list:

Hank Williams, Sr. Heart failure, possibly alcohol, drug-related 1953

Tommy Dorsey Choked himself while sleeping; unable to awaken due to sedative use 1956

Billy Holiday Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol 1959

Janis Joplin Heroin overdose Illegal drug 1970

Jimi Hendrix Respiratory arrest, asphyxia due to alcohol and barbiturate overdose; vomit inhalation 1970

Jim Morrison Heart failure; possible heroin or cocaine overdose (disputed) 1971

Elvis Presley Heart arrhythmia, possibly aggravated by multiple prescriptions (methaqualone, codeine, barbiturates, cocaine), speculated 1977

Keith Moon Clomethiazole overdose 1978

Sid Vicious Heroin overdose (suicide)1979

Jon Bonham Asphyxiation due to massive alcohol consumption 1980

Chet Baker Accidental fall from hotel window; cocaine, heroin 1988

Kurt Cobain Gunshot wound to head; heroin and diazepam found in body (suicide *being disputed) 1994

John Entwistle Heart attack induced by cocaine 2002

Dee Dee Ramone Heroin overdose (accidental) 2002

Howie Epstein Possible heroin overdose 2003

Ike Turner Cardiovascular, lung disease complicated by cocaine overdose 2007

Michael Jackson Cardiac arrest, acute propofol intoxication; midazolam, lidocaine, diazepam, lorazepam 2009

Amy Winehouse Fatal alcohol poisoning 2011

Whitney Houston Drowning; complications of cocaine and heart disease; Flexeril, marijuana, Xanax and Benadryl also found in body 2012

Jeff Hanneman Cirrhosis due to alcoholism 2013

** Update ** Scott Weiland due to overdose of cocaine, escstacy (MDA) and alcohol

Everyone of these (and so many more) left behind devastated family, friends and fans. The world was robbed of their talents too soon and it was THEIR DOING, by THEIR HANDS and DECISIONS! It’s not glamorous or cool to choke on your own vomit or to die sitting on the toilet or even be so high that you blow your head off! It sucks and it pisses me off!

I wanted to hear Jimi’s playing mature. I wanted to hear how he would have changed with the music of the 80’s and 90’s. It would have been so amazing! It goes without saying that his friends and family wanted to grow old with him, to experience what an older wiser Jimi would have been like.

I’m going to put on Valleys Of Neptune and dream of what might have been.