I Hate “The Ask”

I hate asking others for help. It makes me feel weak, it makes me feel vulnerable…. And maybe, just maybe that’s the point.

I remember having to move once and I refused to ask for help. I loaded most of the boxes, the beds, the TV, the refrigerator but it was the washing machine that got me. Maybe I had grown tired from moving all day, maybe it was a sign, whatever it was I ended up hurting my back. It sucked. It took weeks to recover. Why didn’t I just ask someone to help?

I hate asking.

New Album Announcement & Cover Reveal

It has been far too long since I wrote a blog post but I have a good reason. For the past few months I have been writing new songs and reaching out to studios in hopes that another album was in the future. More recently I found an amazing studio and engineer to begin the process. I’m beyond excited to be in the final recording stages of my second solo album.

Coming Through In Waves

The title has changed a few times as the recording process moved forward but this one stuck with me for several reasons.

The Interesting Evolution of Musical Tools

Over the years the tools that have been used to record, share and even teach music have evolved just like music itself has. Below is an infographic that The University of Florida created as a helpful guide that walks through music history and how technology has changed over the years. Ray was contacted by the creators of the infographic and asked to share it with his audience. Enjoy!

Art Should Challenge You

It was the 80’s and it was in a sleepy little West Texas town called Panhandle when I first realized that art (while subjective) can be destroyed by a narrow view of the world.

The project was called “What Sparks Your Imagination” and we were given two weeks to create using provided chalk and illustration board. The only other stipulation was that it must depict in some way the local landscape. In West Texas, for the most part we have flat yellowing grass with beautiful sunsets and sunrises.